12 Best Spinbot Alternatives For Better Text Spinning In 2023

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Exhausted from using the Spinbot tool for rewriting your content, that too with a 10,000-character limit? Surprisingly you are not the only one dealing with this concern.

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Below we have listed twelve paid and free websites like Spinbot that can enhance your rewriting process.

We have tested & compared the list of alternatives based on the following criteria which include.

  1. Price of the tool
  2. Quality of the spun text
  3. Ease of using the tool
  4. Text accuracy
  5. Free trial duration

Comparison table for evaluating Spinbot alternatives-

Alternatives Tools


Quality Of Spinned Text

Ease Of Using Tool

Text Accuracy

Free Trial

Our Rating

Spin Rewriter



















Free plan









The Best Spinner





Not available


Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool














 Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool  

$10/ month






Paraphraser Article rewriter 














Searchenginereport article rewriter







Frase.io paraphrasing tool







What is Spinbot software & what does it do 

Spinbot is a web-based rewriting tool that can create human-readable content. The tool was developed by Patrick Roberts for making the content creation process smooth and engaging. 

The tool works by understanding the contextual meaning of the words, sentences, and paragraphs, and spun them with better and simplified synonyms.

 It is a completely free article spinner that can spin up to 1000 words and create plagiarism-free unique content. All you need to do is copy and paste the text into the Spinbot editor and press the “Go” button. 

Moreover, Spinbot is also coming with a translate and spin mode, which can help you translate and spin the content from any language. 

Another reason why you won’t look at tools like Spinbot is that you can use this tool for completely free, but it also comes with a premium version that will eliminate ads, Captcha, and word limits.

Reasons to switch from Spinbot (Disadvantages of using Spinbot)

 Despite being a free text spinner, Spinbot software still lacks advanced features as compared to other websites similar to it.  

Note that we have drafted these drawbacks based on our own experience. We totally understand if you have a different experience than us. In short, we don’t want to be biased on anything.

  1. Spinbot free mode will only let you Spin 1000 words per spin, for additional word count you need to divide the text into smaller chunks for rewriting. 
  2. Spinbot premium version does not come with any extra valuable features. The premium plan will only remove ads, and captcha and increase the rewriting word limit. 
  3. Unlike other rewriting software Spinbot is not compatible with Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and ENL technology. 
  4. The rewritten text does not  support different Spintex styles thus manual editing is required to refine the readability
  5. At times the rephrased text is not able to pass the Copyscape test, which might cause duplicity issues while using the content for organic visibility. 
  6. The rephrased text sometimes loses its contextual meaning which might send a different message to the reader.


1. WordAI

Home page screenshot of Wordai writing tool.

WordAI is an advanced rewriting tool, embedded with artificial intelligence tech that is capable of creating high-quality human-written content. WordAI is a better Spinbot alternative as it works on restructuring your content from word to sentence level. 

The tool rephrasing also includes understanding the systematic meaning between the words and replacing them with LSI keywords for better organic ranking. This process helps the tool come up with one thousand rephrasing options that eliminate writer’s block

Spinning content with WordAI is extremely fast, all you need to do is upload your original content and click on the rewrite button. Within a second you will have quality content which is plagiarism-free and unique. 

For better clarity, WordAI also splits your long-form content into multiple short sentences giving grammar checks to each phrase for better accuracy.

Features of Word AI:

  • WordAI can automatically correct spelling and grammatical mistakes while rewriting your original content.
  • The tool can generate up to 1000 rephrased variations of your original text, which gives you more options to choose the best variation that matches your writing style.
  • Bulk rewrite and export features streamline your content creation process with great speed. You can upload content in bulk and get faster-rewritten content.
  • WordAI has a direct integration with Article Forge, through which you can compose human-written content for your target keywords. The new content is produced through Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • The rewritten text is compatible to pass the Copyscape test, avoiding duplicity.
  • Another unique feature of WordAI is, that it supports HTML format content as well. You can simply copy-paste your content HTML from your CMS and rewrite the original content.

Pricing for Word AI:

Pricing plan of WordAI

Word AI offers a 3-day free trial plan, introducing you to a limited number of features available. To avail more and all features, paid plans are in place. 

  • Monthly Plan: $57 per month to be paid monthly.
  • Yearly Plan: $324 per year ($27/month) to be paid yearly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Offers multiple user accounts, and higher volume usage like advanced features.

All the plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee so the customer is not at risk.

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Online reviews for Word AI:

Screenshot of Wordai tool by user.

Word correction: We can rely on word correction with great use of AI/ML technologies.

Screenshot of Wordai tool user feedback

Sentence level rewriting: It is fast-working and can spin at sentence level too.

Screenshot representing Wordai tool review

Paraphrasing tool: The readability is great and is even better than the original text.

Wordai tool review image

2. Spin Rewriter:

Home page screenshot of SpinRewriter. A spinbot alternative

Tried and tested by 181,394 SEO specialists, Spin Rewriter is one of the best Spinbot alternatives available for content spinning. Through Spin rewriter you can generate SEO-friendly unique articles within just three steps.

On top of this, it is the only tool that uses a convolutional neural network (deep Artificial Intelligence and Emulated natural language technology) for spinning your text. 

This technology helps Spin Rewriter understand your original content word by word with its contextual meaning before spinning it. As a result, this tool can create human-written content without any plagiarism. 

One of the best functions that makes Spin Rewriter different from Spinbot is that it can generate up to 1000 spin variations for your original copy. This means you can choose the best-rewritten text that matches the tone and style of your writing. 

Along with all the above, SEO professionals, and content writers also need API support to integrate other tools and software used on a daily basis. Favourably with Spin Rewriter, you get API support to combine the best SEO tool for developing the best content that ranks higher on search engines. 

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner who has never used article rewriter software, then Spin Rewriter also has starter tutorials in the form of videos to help you out. 

On 6th October Spin Rewriter came up with its most updated version Spin Rewriter 12 with valuable upgraded features. 

Features of Spin Rewriter:

  • The tool allows you to insert free images within your content. Just choose the image you want from the wide range available and the tool will add the relevant images to your rewritten content.
  • Allows a side-by-side comparison of the original content with new rewritten versions. This will help you to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the rephrased text.
  • Spin rewriter AI tech can create up to 1000 variations of your original text. Gives you options to choose the best-spun content that matches the tone and style of your writing. 
  • You can always refer to the detailed guides and video tutorials for learning and improving your work with Spin Rewriter. This will help you to further streamline your article rewriting process.
  • Spin Rewriter is compatible to work with multiple devices including Desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. This gives you easy access to rewrite your text from any device.
  • The tool is also capable of adding entirely new content with the help of the paragraph creation feature. This will further add value to your write-up. The new content is added by the tool by scanning the web and the data available.
  • You can also rewrite multiple articles at once with the bulk rewrite feature. Scaling your content creation at a much quicker pace.
  • Supports five different Spintex styles.

The new Spinbot Rewriter 12 has come up with new updated features, you can click here to know more.

Pricing for Spin Rewriter: 


You can explore the tool with a subscription plan, that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for its users. You also get 5 days free which is excluded from the 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Monthly Plan: $47/month. 
  • Yearly Plan: $77/year.
  • Lifetime plan: Single payment of $497.

Online reviews for Spin Rewriter

Image of spinrewriter online review by a user

Rewriter Tool: It is a kind of rewriting tool that can produce great quality content in an easy and fast way.

Screenshot of spinrewriter feedback

Inexpensive and Easy: Reasonable cost of the features provided makes it popular among all categories of writers and marketers.

SEO compatible: The choice of words is SEO friendly.

3. Quillbot

Home page screenshot of QuillBot tool.

Quillbot is another website like Spinbot but contains multiple advanced modes to shape your writing. Quillbot works on a freemium model allowing you to rephrase 125 words in free mode, and unlimited words in its premium version.

Quillbot rewrites your content by using simple and better synonyms. You can also command the number of synonyms used by dragging the synonyms adjuster from right to left. However, the higher the frequency of synonyms used the more it is going to impact the accuracy of your spin write-up. 

The tool also gives multiple options to choose the right synonyms for your rephrased content. This helps to select the right words that match the tone and meaning of your original text.

Quillbot offers 7 rewriting modes that can shape your content into 7 different styles. 

  1. Standard: The standard mode spin content while keeping the meaning intact. 
  2. Fluency: The fluency mode focus on rewriting your content with precise accuracy and maintaining readability. 
  3. Formal: The formal mode keeps the tone of the content professional and avoids the usage of informal words.
  4. Simple: The simple mode uses easy-to-read phrases while rewriting the content. 
  5. Creative: The creative mode rewrites your content using the most unique words.  
  6. Expand: The expand mode adds extra text within your content to elaborate its meaning.
  7. Shorten: The shortened mode rewrites your content in the most concise manner.

Apart from the above-mentioned functionality, Quillbot also offers chrome and doc extensions for making your article rewriting process even more convenient. 

Moreover, the premium version of Quillbot also comes with a separate grammar and plagiarism checker that assures your content is unique and accurate. Moreover, Quillbot offers cheaper plans with extra value-added features. 

Features of Quillbot:

  • The free version offers 2 quill modes (Standard and Fluency) through which you can change the tone of your rewritten text. The upgraded plan adds 5 more text spinner modes.
  • Quillbot offers an inbuilt grammar checker that enhances the quality of the content by eradicating spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Easy use of chrome extension and integration with writing tools such as  Microsoft Word, Google Chrome and Google Docs that makes your rewriting process smooth and convenient.
  • Retention of words and sentences from the original content is possible with the freeze word feature.
  • The Synonym adjuster lets you adjust the frequency of synonyms used in your rewritten text. You can adjust it by dragging the adjuster from right to left. However the more synonyms are used, it can hamper the accuracy of your rewritten text.
  • Through the Quillbot summarizer feature, you can grab the essential information from the long forms of content for better understanding.
  • Quillbot, Co-rewrite is a unique feature that lets you rewrite your own write-up with accuracy and with web support. You can access any information by directly searching it through the Quillbot web search option.

Pricing for Quillbot:

Screenshot of Pricing plan by Quillbot

With the Quillbot premium plan, you can get access to all the features and modes with a 3-day money-back guarantee. Along with this, you can also pause your subscription if you wish to hold your rewriting process and restart your subscription when required.

  • Free Plan: Offers 400-word text spinner with 3 quill modes.
  • Monthly Plan: $7.95 per month.
  • Half-yearly Plan: $29.95 bi-annually to be paid every 6 months. $4.99 per month if paid on a monthly basis.
  • Yearly Plan: $39.95 bi-annually to be paid yearly. $3.33 per month if paid on a monthly basis.

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Online Reviews for Quillbot:

Screenshot of Quillbot Review by users

Good quality content: It gives satisfactory results in new version content.

Screenshot of user posted review on Quillbot article rewriter tool.

Cheap yet worthy: Popular among all sorts of individuals even the less resourceful people like students.

4. Wordtune:

Another Spinbot-similar site built by AI21 labs and founded in 2018 Wordtune is an AI-based article rewriter with word-level understanding. That means the tool can understand the contextual meaning and semantic relation between words before spinning your original text. 

Wordtune offers 5 different modes through which you can shape the tone of your rewritten text. 

  1. Rewrite: Rewrite mode simply rephrases your content using simple and understandable synonyms to make your content unique and readable. 
  2. Casual: The casual mode rewrites your content with an easy-going tone that sound familiar to the reader. 
  3. Formal: The formal mode rephrases your content by using to-the-point text that reads professional and precise.   
  4. Shorten: As the name suggests the shorten mode limits the word count in your rewritten text and rephrases it concisely. 
  5. Expand: The expand mode elaborates your sentence and makes them more descriptive to read. 

Unlike other Spinbot alternatives mentioned in this article, Wordtune uses smart synonym suggestions that give you the option to choose the best contextual phrase that matches the core meaning of your original content. 

The tool also gets updated on a frequent basis with value-added features. Recently on 22 February 2022 Wordtune came up with Microsoft word integration that lets you use each and every function of the tool on your word doc. 

Along with this Wordtune also work with other apps and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, and Linkedin for a convenient rewriting experience. 

The AI21 team also came up with an Editor panel that will give you AI-based writing suggestions to improve the quality and accuracy of your content. You can also divide your long-form paragraph into shorter sentences, to rewrite them precisely.  

For testing the above functionality Wordtune offers a free rewriting mode in which you can rewrite 280 words for free and test out your experience with the tool.

Features of Wordtune:

  • For easy convenient working Wordtune offers integration with social media platforms like ( Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Slack) and with writing tools such as Word doc, and Google Docs, you can also download the chrome extension for continuous workflow.
  • Unlike Spinbot, Wordtune also offers its own editor platform that will improve your writing immensely. With its auto-suggest recommendations, you improve your sentence structure, grammatical error, punctuation error etc.
  • For shaping the tone of your writing you can use the 5 different spinning styles: Rewrite, causal, formal, expand and shorten. The access to these modes will depend on the plan you chose. The free mode only lets you use the Rewrite option. 
  • It is a multilinguistic text spinner, supporting languages like Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, German, Arabic, and English.
  • Wordtune Read is one of the latest features added that can help you out in summarizing long forms of content and documents in a concise and brief manner. This feature can save an ample amount of time while understanding lengthy articles.
  • One of the unique and useful features offered is Translate and Rewrite. You can translate and rephrase any foreign language into English. The tool will offer you multiple rewrite options to choose from. According to the new feature guide by Wordtune, this tool is useful for Non-native English speakers.

Pricing for Wordtune:


It is available totally for free with limited features and only 20 per day of text spin. The paid plans will offer all the premium features to work with.

  • Premium Monthly: $24.99/month
  • Premium Yearly: $9.99/month ($119.88 to be paid annually)
  • A team Plan with five or more user accounts can be discussed with Wordtune sales

Online Review for Wordtune:

Screenshot of Wordtune tool review by user

Text spinner works with a great speed cutting on the time.

Wordtune tool online review

5. The Best Spinner:

Home page screenshot of The Best Spinner tool.

If you are looking for a free Spinbot alternative then Best Spinner can do your rewriting job. 

It can spin up to 4000 characters of words in one go, all you need to do is just copy-paste your original content into the text rewrite section and press the spin button. 

The best spinner comes with four spinner version 

  • Spinner 1 
  • Spinner 2
  • Spinner 3
  • Spinner 4

All four versions will give you different rewriting results for your original text. You can easily select and change it by using the drop-down option given. 

The software works by providing unique quality content through its fast paraphrasing process. The rewritten text is plagiarism free and can be used directly for your website or blogging. 

All four versions of the Best Spinner create readable content while maintaining the meaning of your original text intact.  The tool uses Word Synonyms to replace original text and gives you unique content to use. 

The content rephrased through Best Spinner can easily be used for ranking on search engines after optimizing it through On-page techniques. 

However, the only downside we found using this tool is that your rewriting experience can get hampered by the promotional ads that appear on the tool’s rewriting dashboard.  

Features of The Best Spinner:

  • Best Spinner offers 4 exclusive spinners (1,2,3,4) that can generate different rewriting content for the same original text.
  • The rewritten text can be easily copied by clicking on the “Copy to clipboard” button.
  • Best Spinner can be accessed in three different languages this include, English, Hindi, and Indonesian
  • The tool allows easy side-by-side comparison of the original text and the rewritten text. This can help in evaluating the quality of the rephrased content.

Pricing for Best Spinner:

The Best Spinner doesn’t have any free trial but offers very reasonable pricing plans with a 30-day money-returning policy. All the plan has somewhat similar features to offer, only the limit to using audio conversion and translation tools varies.

  • Basic Plan: $67 per year.
  • Standard Plan: $127 per year.
  • PRO Plan: $247 per year.

Online Reviews for Best Spinner

Screenshot of user feedback on best spinner tool

The paraphrasing tool is good and fast.

6. Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool


Plagiarism Detector Paraphrasing Tool is a web-based rewording tool that can generate plagiarism-free, human-friendly content. 

The tool’s advanced algorithms can understand the meaning of your original content and paraphrase the text by using synonyms. Unlike Spinbot the tool offers the option to include your own alternative rephrased word if you are not satisfied with spin content. 

Another benefit of using the Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool is that it can also create SEO-friendly content which will help you to rank better on search engines like google. That can ultimately bring more traffic to your website thus increasing your revenue. 

In addition, the tool also offers Grammer checker and a Plagiarism checker that would help create accurate content that is 100% unique to use. 

Similar to Spinbot Plagiarism Detector Paraphrasing tool also works on the Freemium model. You can rewrite up to 2000 words with the free mode which can be increased to 540000 depending on the premium plan you chose. 

Another best part about the premium plan is that you can customize it according to your needs which can give you flexible pricing options to choose from.

Features of Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool:

  • The plagiarism detector paraphrasing tool can be accessed in 13 languages, this also includes Portuguese, Italiano, Malay, Hindi etc. 
  • For removing duplicate content, the tool also offers a Plagiarism checker, that can check up to 1000 words in the free version and 25000 words in the paid version. You can also upload your URL to check the copy score of the content. 
  • The tool recently came up with a new feature called Reverse Image search, which lets you find similar images and their sources on the web. 
  • Drak and Night mode keeps your workflow smooth and gives you flexibility in rewriting your content. 
  • The rewritten content can be cross-checked through the free Grammer checker, ensuring grammatically corrected content without any errors. 

Pricing plan for Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool:


The Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool offers a customizable pricing plan apart from the three plans offered which very unique if you compare the pricing pan of other Spinbot alternative websites mentioned in our list.

The custom pricing is based on the number of words selected for rewriting. The customized words start from 30000 and can go up to 540000.

Online Reviews for Plagiarism Detector paraphrasing tool



7. Ref-n-write  


Publishing original content is crucial for building expertise and authority. This gets even more important when your content is used for academic purposes. 

This is where the Ref-n-write tool can help you out, it is one of the best paraphrasing tools for academic writing that academic professionals can use for spinning a thesis

With the help of this tool, you can rewrite your content on an individual sentence level or rephrase the whole paragraph in one go. 

The legacy template feature is used to spin the content at the sentence level whereas the paragraph-level spinning is done through the manual paraphrasing tool offered by Ref-n-write. 

In both cases, the original content is replaced by substitute words that best suit the context of the sentence or paragraph while maintaining the meaning. 

In addition to this Ref-n-write also provide research-based tools “academic phrasebank” for supporting students and academic professionals in research. It will also help you in finding new ideas to write about

For the integration level, you can use it by working on a Word doc by selecting the paragraph or sentence you want to get rewritten. The tool will also detect and clear out grammatical errors mentioned in the content. 

Similar to Spinbot, Ref-n-write also offers free content spinning without charging a premium for the tool. 

Features of Ref-n-write:

  • While rewriting the content the tool offers a Word choice feature that gives you alternative synonyms to choose from before rewriting your content. It helps you to pick the best synonyms based on your writing style. 
  • The reset option provides you to restart your rewriting process, by just clicking on the reset button. 
  •  The tool can be directly integrated with your writing tool such as a Word document, for rephrasing the content. All you need to do is select the paragraph or a sentence and the text will get rephrased automatically. 
  • The inbuilt grammatical checker provides corrections for grammatical fixes within your content. It will highlight the suggestions for manual checks before making edits to the content.  

Online reviews for Ref-n-write


8. Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool  


Prepostseo is another Spinbot alternative software that uses state-of-the-art AI technology to paraphrase your content. The tool rewrites your article by adding or replacing the words with synonyms and makes it plagiarism free. The content gets spun on the sentence level (by altering the phrase) and on the word level.

With the support of AI tech, the Prepostseo tool can generate SEO-optimized content keeping check of keyword density and keyword structure while rewriting your original content. You can also shape your content according to your tone of writing by using different modes available.

The tool offers 4 different types of modes to shape the tone of your rewritten text. These include

  1. Simple: The simple mode rewords your content by adding synonyms within your original text. You can spin unlimited text in simple mode. 
  2. Advance: Through the advanced mode you can add your own words to rephrase your content. It will also feature the substitute option generated by the tool side by side. 
  3. Fluency: The fluency mode will rephrase your content yet check the grammatical error, within your content. You can paraphrase up to 5000 characters within fluency mode. 
  4. Creative: The creative mode enhances the quality of your content, and generates unique plagiarism-free content, with up to 5000 characters count. 

(Note that the creative mode is available on the premium plan offered.)

You can simply switch over to all the different modes by selecting them from the rewriting dashboard. In Prepostseo you also get the option to upload your content files for paraphrasing rather than manually copy-pasting the content (the google drive option is also available). 

In addition to the above Prepostseo also offers a free plagiarism checker to remove duplicity from your content. 

Just like Spinbot Preposrtseo also works on the freemium model, the upgraded plan will let you get rid of display ads, and Captcha, and extend your word count to 2500 words. 

Features of Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool:

  • The AI mode can create SEO-friendly rewritten content by keeping a check for keyword density. This type of content can help you rank for organic search on search engines. 
  • The tool offers a file upload feature instead of copy-pasting the original text into the rewriting box. You can also upload your file directly from your google drive. 
  • Exclude word feature will retain the words from your original content before spinning your text. You can trigger this command by giving a comma-separated instruction for the words you want to retain. 
  • Prepostseo supports 17 languages apart from English which includes Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese etc. 
  • You can also validate your rewritten content with a plagiarism checker that you can use for Free. Just upload your file and the tool will scan the content for duplicity. With the premium version, you check up to 1500 words 
  • The free grammar checker will enhance the quality of your write-up by eliminating grammatical and punctuation errors from the rewritten text. 

Pricing Plan for Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool: 


There are three plans offered under paid subscription which include:

  • Company: $45/ month
  • Standard: $20/ month
  • Basic: $10/ month

Subscribing to the paid plans will also remove ads and Captcha from the rewriting dashboard which will further enhance your rewriting experience.

Online reviews for Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool


9. Paraphraser Article rewriter 


Paraphraser is an online content marketing tool that can rewrite your website content, social media copy, and academic essays and make them unique. The tool works by scanning your original content and rephrasing it by adding synonyms plus improving its accuracy. 

While rewriting the content the tool maintains the contextual meaning and concept of your original text, so that you can use the content directly for your organic ranking. 

The user experience of Paraphraser article rewriter is similar to Spinbot, all you need to do is upload the content file or copy-paste your original text into the rewriting dashboard and click on “Rewrite now”. Within a second you will have your plagiarism-free, unique content under the rewritten section. 

The tool works on a freemium model that lets you access the creative mode for shaping the tone of your rewritten copy. You also get an increased word limit for rewriting content and checking its plagiarism. You can check plagiarism for up to 5000 words. 

In addition to the above, Paraphraser.io also offer a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, text summarizer and citation generator. 

The AI state grammar checker will help you avoid grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes which makes your content error-free. The plagiarism checker can detect the copy score of your content and help you avoid using copied content for your online presence. 

If you are a beginner or a professional writer, Praphraser.io can be one of the best free Spinbot alternatives to start your rewriting process. 

Features of Paraphraser Article rewriter:

  • Grammar checker 
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Text Summarizer 
  • Citation generator 
  • Support multiple languages 

Pricing Plan for Paraphraser Article Rewriter: 


The tool offers two plans Monthly and Yearly, both plans can get you access to all the features available.

10. Seomagnifier


Seomagnifier article spinner is a web-based rewriting tool that can generate unique content for your blog, site and academic purposes. It supports 7 languages including, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish and Indonesian.

It is one of the best article spinner tools available online that support 7 languages including, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish and Indonesian.

All you need to do is copy-paste your content and select the language in which you want the rewritten text should be. You can even download the text in two different formats TXT and HTML. 

The content is spun by substituting the words with simple synonyms. The replaced words are highlighted in different colours so that you can change them as per your own style of writing. 

Unlike Spinbot, Seomagnifier also offers a free grammar and plagiarism checker through which you can validate the accuracy and uniqueness of your spun text. 

Features of Seomagnifier:

  • The tool support 7 multiple languages for functioning. 
  • Provides manual word-adding functionality. 
  • Provides Grammer checker. 
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Keyword rank checker 
  • Backlink checker. 
  • Rewrite articles can be downloaded directly, into TXT format.

Online Review for Seomagnifier




11. Searchenginereport article rewriter


It is a free article rewriter and a beginner-friendly alternative to Spinbot with advanced software that analyzes your content and understands the contextual meaning of the words before spinning them. Searchenginereport rewriter is capable of detecting nouns from the sentences and keeping them intact for maintaining the original meaning of your content.  

It is an easy-to-use tool that comes with the support of 16 languages and a doc file upload function. In one go you can spin up to 2000 words with a comma-separated feature to exclude words from spinning. 

One of the best parts of using Searchenginereport article rewriter is that it will highlight the rewritten words and phrases with different colours.  You can hover over them and the tool will give you more synonym suggestions to choose the best one according to your writing style.  

All you need to do is copy and paste your content and click on rewrite the article, and the tool will present you with unique word content to use. You can even check the accuracy of your spin content through a free grammar checker.  

Features of Searchenginereport article rewriter:

  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Multiple re-word options. 
  • Reverse image search.
  • Exclude contextually related words from rewriting. 
  • Support four multiple languages.
  • File upload option. 
  • Grammar checker. 

12. Frase.io paraphrasing tool


Frase is an AI-based content generator tool, that is known for creating new quality content.

For rewriting existing content, Frase offers its free paraphrasing tool which can also be used for rephrasing existing content with Artificial Intelligence technology. 

With the help of this tool, you can rewrite website content, marketing copy, social media content and much more. All you need to do is copy and paste the content within the rephrased box, and the tool will automatically give you rephrased sentence option to choose from. For getting a more formal tone within your rewritten text you can switch over to the formal option given. 

In addition, Frase can help you out in generating new content by just inputting certain keywords and phrases around the topic.

 Unlike many other AI copywriting software that uses GPT3 technology for composing new content, Frase has its own model that helps the tool create unique content that can be used for further SEO optimization. 

Features of Frase.io paraphrasing tool:

  • Offers a formal mode feature that lets you set a professional tone for your rewritten text. 
  • The Next Spin feature rephrases the content uniquely, it can represent the same original content in shortened and broad forms. 
  • You can easily copy the rewritten content by clicking on the copy-to-clipboard icon. 

Pricing Plan for Frase.io


Using Frase for rewriting is completely free, however, if you want to use the tool for generating new  AI-based content then you can upgrade to the paid plan offered.

Online reviews for Frase.io


Which Spinbot alternative should you go for? 

Rewriting an article with a tool is not an easy task, by using the alternative of Spinbot mentioned in this article will produce completely different results for you than expected. This is why selecting the right tool based on requirements is necessary.

If you are a beginner and never used a rewriting tool before, then starting with a tool that offers free mode just like Quillbot and Wordtune can be a good fit for you. Note that we have also mentioned many other free Spinbot alternatives in our list above, so you can try them out too.

But if your goal is to produce quality content that can be used for organic ranking, and dominate your web presence. Then using premium tools like Spin rewrite and WordAI can definitely help you achieve your goal.

Frequent Asking Questions:

Q1. Which one is better: Quillbot or Spinbot?

Ans. Spinbot is a free article spinning tool with a limited amount of features and add-ons. Whereas Quillbot is an advanced rephrasing tool with multiple rewriting modes. Quillbot also offers valuable extra add-ons such as a Text summarizer, Plagiarism checker etc.

Hence, Quillbot is better than Spinbot in terms of features and functionalities offered for rewriting. However, we have our details guide on comparing Spinbot with Quillbot

Q2. What is Spinbot used for?

Ans. Spinbot is used for rewriting original content with the help of simple and better synonyms. The number of characters you can spin at one go is up to 10,000 which is quite a big number for an average website to spin and rewrite. 

Q3. Can Spinbot be detected?

Ans. Spinbot tool can create human-readable text by rewriting the original content by substituting words with better synonyms. The tool does not create duplicate content and hence can not be detected by any plagiarism checker. 

Q4. Are Spinbot alternatives free?

Ans. Yes, there are various alternatives to Spinbot that have free plans. Paid tools are also offering a few days of free trials or a 30-day money-back guarantee. Though the features to work on will be limited, yet are worth a try.

Q5. Which is the best article rewriter?

Ans. Spin Rewriter is the best article rewriter offering a 5-day free trial. In the options of free versions, Quillbot is the best article spinner which offers a free version with a 400-word text spin at once.

Q6. Is article spinning good for SEO?

Ans. Search engines like google rewards unique and quality content. Article spinning tool can understand the contextual meaning of your original text and spin them by making it 100% unique. This rewritten content can be used for organic ranking and hence good for SEO as well. 

Q7. What are the Best paraphrasing tools available online? 

Ans. There are many paraphrasing tools available that you can find online. All the tools are designed to perform the core function of rewriting sentences. Although many of them vary by the features they provide. We have drafted the 11 best paraphrasing tools that we find most useful.

  1. Quillbot
  2. Prepost SEO
  3. SEO magnifier
  4. Content professor
  5. Paraphraser
  6. Ref-n-write
  7. Smallseotools
  8. Wordai
  9. Plagiarismdetector
  10. Editpad
  11. Chimp rewriter

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