Quillbot Vs Wordtune: The Better Paraphrasing Tool Compared

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Quillbot and Wordtune are rated among the top rewriting tools. But which one should you go with? and which one is better Quillbot or Wordtune?

Therefore to answer this question, we have drafted this detailed comparison guide for Quillbot Vs Wordtune.

We have compared the tool on various scales such as pricing, quality of rewrite, text accuracy, features given, plagiarism and much more.

Comparison overview between Spinbot and Quillbot

Wordtune Tool 

Quillbot Tool 

AI Embedded Text Spinner 

Yes, Wordtune use AI to rewrite the content. 

Yes, Quillbot use AI to rewrite the content. 

Free Mode 



API Integration



Test Spinning Limit

280 characters in the free plan

No text spinning limit


WordTune Read Launch, Sentence Fragments and Smart Synonyms, Translator etc. 

Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, Synonym adjuster etc.

Customer Support

Contact form, social media, FAQ.

 Contact form, reading material and social media.


$9.99 to $119.88 (with monthly & yearly options)

$9.95 to $49.95, (with monthly & yearly options)

Money-Back Guarantee



Best For 

Creating social media content, and rewriting professionaly used content for educational purposes. 

Creating website copy, blog articles, sales copy and long-form content.

Wordtune Vs Quillbot: Evaluation Criteria

To help you choose the right text spinner between Spinbot and Quillbot, we have evaluated both tools using the 10 below-mentioned criteria:

1) Features comparison: We compared the features of both the tools with their usefulness to see which tool provides a better text rewriting experience.

2) Plagiarism Review: To check the originality of the rewritten content.

3) Readability comparison: We tested both the tool’s readability by using the Heminway app to find the content with the best readability score.

4) Text accuracy comparison: Testing text accuracy was important to judge the clarity of spin content.

5) Pricing comparison: We compared the pricing plans of both tools to discover the best value for money-spinner among Quillbot and Wordtune.

6) Integration comparison: We looked at integration support offered by Wordtune and Quillbot in order to find a better tool that can be used simultaneously with third-party platforms.

7) Customization comparison: We even tested the customization options between the tools to find a better on-the-go experience.

8) Track reports comparison: We paid attention to the tools report section to evaluate the statistic report offered by Quillbot and Wordtune.

9) Customer support comparison: We evaluated the support system offered by both the tool to see which tool provides superior service.

10) User Interface comparison: In order to find which software provides an easier working interface, we conducted an interface comparison between Quillbot and Wordtune.

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI-powered rewriting tool with multiple paraphrasing modes to improve your writing. The tool uses State-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to reword your content.

Quillbot analyzes an input piece of content and rewrites it in a different way. This includes using synonyms, changing voice (active or passive), and checking for grammatical errors and plagiarism.

Founded in 2017, QuillBot has become a trusted tool for over 10 million users worldwide. It is used by a wide range of people from different backgrounds such as content writers, PR agencies, students, copywriters, etc.

Pros & Cons of QuillBot


  • QuillBot has an easy-to-use interface, offering multiple writing styles for paraphrasing content.
  • Quillbot comes with a freemium model which means you can rewrite and use other functions for free as well. 
  • It supports an extension into popular applications such as Google Chrome, Docs and Microsoft Word.


  • Compared to its competitors, the character limit in the free plan is only 700 characters, which is about 100 words.
  • Even after using the tool, users may have to proofread and rewrite certain sections of the content due to inaccuracy. 
  • The vocabulary library and synonym generation could use further improvements than what is currently available.

Customer reviews for Quillbot



What is WordTune? 

WordTune is a writing tool used to write better sentences using AI rephrasing technology. It offers multiple modes of rephrasing in different tones such as casual, formal, shortening, etc.

Built-in 2018 by AI21 Labs, it quickly gained popularity as one of the best rephrasing tools available. WordTune is used by thousands of users across the world from varying professions.

This AI rewriting tool provides a range of capabilities to help you write better by utilizing its profound understanding of semantics and context.

Pros & Cons of WordTune:


  • WordTune provides a browser extension.
  • It lets you try a demo version of the tool for free.
  • Multiple modes of rephrasing sentences and paragraphs such as Simple rewrite, Casual, formal, Shorten, and Expand.
  • Wordtune provides multiple rewrite suggestions for rephrasing your original text. 


  • Requires additional proofreading after use as some suggestions can be nonsensical.
  • Only allows 10 rewrites a day for the free version.
  • The premium plan is expensive for its limited functionality.
  • Does not offer other services such as plagiarism checking and summarizer. 

Customer reviews for Wordtune


QuillBot Vs WordTune: A Direct Comparison

Paraphrasing comparison between Quillbot and Spinbot

To give you a real glimpse of content paraphrased by both tools. We took a small piece of content from our own site and rephrased it with the tool paraphrasing editor.  

Quillbot paraphrasing tool

Content paraphrased on Quillbot editor


As you can see in the above screenshot, we used a small blurb of our own original content with 119 words for testing. The mode selected was standard and the synonym scale was set to medium. According to Quillbot the standard mode rewrites your content in a reliable and readable form. 

The left side of the window represents the original text in the red box whereas the rewritten text is on the left side of the window within the blue box. The excellent part is Quillbot actually highlights the rephrased part of your sentence so that you know which part has been spun.

Wordtune paraphrasing tool

Content paraphrased on Wordtune editor


We used the same blurb content on the Wordtune paraphrasing editor. The original text is in the red box followed by rewritten content in the blue box. It is to be noted that Wordtune gives you multiple rewritten text options to choose from. Within the picture, you can see three rewritten options to choose from. Every option is rephrased with the help of highlighted synonyms and phrases seen above. 


We used the free version of both tools for rephrasing our content. Wordtune was able to give us multiple rewritten texts for the same original content to choose from. Whereas in Quillbot you will have to limit yourself to only one rephrased copy. However, if you read the content rephrased by Quillbot it reads more different and unique as compared to Wordtune’s rephrased text. The spun text is highlighted and bolded for better recognition. 


For the user who doesn’t want to pay for a tool subscription. We believe Quillbot should be their go-to option. It gives you two modes to choose from with more word limits as compared to Wordtune free plan. Moreover, the content read more original and unique when compared

Features Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune

->QuillBot: The following features are included in this tool:

  • Multiple Rephrasing Modes: QuillBot supports the rephrasing of sentences in different writing styles such as standard and fluency in the free plan. The premium plan includes additional styles like formal, simple, creative, expanded and shorten.
  • Plagiarism Checker: QuillBot includes a plagiarism-checking tool as well. This is used to check the copy score of paraphrased content.
  • Chrome Extension: It can easily be integrated into Google Chrome as an extension. As a result, you don’t have to switch to the QuillBot window every time.
  • Grammar Checker: The Quillbot interface also includes a grammar correction tool for spin content.
  •  Citation Generator: With its free citation generator, you can cite your work in three formats: APA, MLA and Chicago.
  • Co-Writer: This feature makes writing and researching seamless. It lets you research and generate sentences related to your content using an integrated web search in the same window.
  • Direct Upload: Docs can be directly uploaded from the tool without manually copying and pasting.
  • Synonym Limiter: The number of synonyms used can be limited to preserve the essence of the original content. This is done using a synonym slider for more or fewer changes.
  • Summarizer: This research tool can condense content into its essential elements. QuillBot’s AI technology uses natural language processing to maintain original context while highlighting key points and findings.

 WordTune: The features found in WordTune are as follows:

  • WordTune Read Launch: This is the newest addition to WordTune. It is a summarizing tool which allows the user to reduce large content into compact portions.
  • Sentence Fragments: WordTune allows the user to highlight a word or a sentence and suggests alternate sentence structures and synonyms.
  • Smart Synonyms: The advanced feature allows you to look for different synonyms for the same keywords. By understanding the contextual meaning of the sentence.  
  • Translator: WordTune has an integrated instant translator tool. This allows the AI to translate sentences you write in a different language. 
  • Extension: It can be installed as a Google Chrome extension for easy access. 
  • WordTune Editor: A separate comprehensive area is also provided for editing content other than the browser extension. 

For more comprehensive updates about Wordtune, you can refer to their what’s a new section


Upon inspection based on features for both QuillBot and WordTune, we have come to the conclusion that both tools are useful for paraphrasing content. 

The translator tool in WordTune comes in handy for non-native speakers. The tools found in QuillBot such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, direct upload, etc. are incredibly time efficient. The user does not have to visit different apps and websites for those purposes as these features are provided in the same tool.


QuillBot gets the win here as the features it provides outweigh the features provided by WordTune. It is a one-stop tool for multiple purposes related to content writing. 

The daily usage limit in the free plan of WordTune is always a huge drawback. Unlike WordTune, QuillBot has no such limits on daily use.

Plagiarism Review Between QuillBot and WordTune

->QuillBot: Plagiarism check for a content spin by QuillBot.

Grammarly result of Plagiarism check for a content spin by QuillBot


->WordTune: Plagiarism check for content spin by WordTune.

Grammarly result of Plagiarism check for a content spin by Wordtune


For the plagiarism review, we used Grammarly to validate how unique the content was. The screenshots above show that both QuillBot and WordTune did a decent job of paraphrasing sentences.

The original content was taken from one of our recent blogs on the subject of 15 Types Of Business Reports In Business Communication.


Tie. Both QuillBot and WordTune gave us our desired results when it comes to plagiarism checking. No additional rewriting was required in both case. This may, however, vary depending on the original content. 

Readability Compared Between QuillBot and WordTune

-> QuillBot: QuillBot readability check on Hemingway Editor.

Result for QuillBot readability check on Hemingway Editor

 -> WordTune: WordTune readability check on Hemingway Editor.

Result for WordTune readability check on Hemingway Editor


We used the well-reputed Hemingway Editor to check readability quality on QuillBot and WordTune. 

Naturally, with any kind of check the quality of the original content matters. A poorly written original sentence can only be fixed to a limited capacity by any rephrasing tool. 

In this test, we used the same content that was re-worded differently through QuillBot and WordTune. The results were similar with both receiving Grade 10 for readability, which is considered to be a decent rating. 


It was a close contest but QuillBot gets the slight edge here. There were no sentences in the orange zone (hard to read) category in the QuillBot content, whereas there was one in the WordTune example. 

Note: The Hemingway app rates content readability based on grade level. The average American reads at a 7th or 8th-grade level. As a result, it is critical to generate material that is appropriate for your target audience’s reading level.

Text Accuracy Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune

->QuillBot: Text accuracy test for QuillBot showed these results

Grammarly Text accuracy test for QuillBot

->WordTune: Text accuracy test for WordTune results

Grammarly Text accuracy test for Wordtune


Once again, we used Grammarly to check the readability quality of content from both Quillbot and WordTune. 

Grammarly uses different metrics to measure these standards such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, etc. This is used to ensure the clarity and grammatical consistency of the content. 

From analyzing results from QuillBot, we found 5 errors in different aspects. Whereas in WordTune, only 3 errors were found. 


WordTune is the winner in the text accuracy category. As shown in the screenshots above, WordTune proved to be more accurate with only 3 issues as compared to QuillBot with 5 errors.

Demo comparison between Quillbot and Wordtune

Both tools offer free demo versions for the user to experience the rewriting text. 

Quillbot Demo 

Quillbot has a lot to offer within the free demo version. You can rephrase up to 125 words with the help of two free modes Standard and Fluency

Standard mode rewrites your content in the most reliable and readable form. Whereas Fluency mode ensures the rewritten text is error free and accurate in reading. 

The free version also comes with a synonym adjuster but has a limit when you are using it under free mode. Moreover, users can use the free mode without any number restriction. Along with this the demo version also comes with a free grammar checker and Text summarizer

Grammar checker ensures your content is grammatically correct with no spelling and punctuation errors. The text summarizer can help you extract crucial information from the long form of content for better understanding. 

Wordtune Demo  

Wordtune also comes with a demo version that allows you to rewrite 280 words in one go. One interesting feature is that you get 10 rewritten options to choose from. This means the tool rephrases your original text into 10 different rewritten content. Unfortunately Wordtune free demo version does not provide any other feature. 


When it comes to multiple offings under the free demo version, you will find Quillbot with multiple features. The overall word count per spin is also more than what is offered under Wrodtune free mode. On top of this Wordtune will let you rephrase only content that tot under the word limit compared to Quillbot you can explore the grammar check, text summarizer, and citation generator within the free mode. 


Within the demo version, the multiple offering a user get makes Quillbot a clear winner in this category. One can use various other tools alongside rephrasing to enhance the overall quality of their content.

Pricing Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune

QuillBot: Premium Plan offered by QuillBot offers the following benefits:

Premium Plans offered by QuillBot

QuillBot premium package offers multiple benefits and additional features. These include unlimited words, 6000 words in the summarizer, plagiarism checker, etc.

It offers three payment plans:

  • Annual: $49.95
  • Semi-Annual: $39.95
  • Monthly: $9.95

Quillbot does offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your rewriting experience.

WordTune: WordTune premium package prices are listed below:

WordTune premium plans

This includes unlimited rewrites, unlocks multiple tones of rephrasing and the ability to rewrite entire paragraphs.

WordTune premium subscription prices: 

  • Monthly: $24.99 
  • Annually: $119.89 

In addition, there is no refund to the premium plan by Wordtune


Going through both pricing schemes, WordTune is considerably costlier than QuillBot. 

QuillBot for a monthly subscription comes in at $9.95 whereas WordTune is $24.99. QuillBot offers far more features and additional services at a much lesser price than WordTune.

There is a massive difference in yearly subscriptions as well. QuillBot comes in at $49.95 whereas WordTune comes at a whopping $119.89. 


QuillBot is the clear winner when it comes to pricing. It gives the user value for their money by offering a lot of different features at an affordable price. Plus there is no money-back guarantee given on the premium plans of Wordtune. 

Refund Policy for Quillbot and Wordtune

Quillbot refund policy 

Quillbot does offer refunds on its subscription plan. This is useful for the user who wants to test out the tool for rephrasing. However, this money-back guarantee is only available within 3 days of purchasing. So you have 3 days to decide whether Quillbot is a good fit or not. 

Wordtune refund policy

If you refer to the FAQ section its been clearly mentioned that the paid subscription has no refund. Yes, the tool does not provide any refund on any of its subscription plans. Instead, you can use the free version to test out if it’s a good fit for rephrasing or not. 


Quillbtot is a clear winner when it comes to refunds. As there is no refund policy that applies to Wordtune on their subscription plan. 

Integration Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune

Integration Offered by QuillBot

QuillBot offers integration as extensions into Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and a Doc extension. With this, the QuillBot tool becomes easily accessible while working on content without having to switch to the QuillBot window. 

Integration Offered by WordTune

WordTune also offers integration as an extension in multiple applications such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Microsoft Word, etc. It can be easily installed and used from anywhere. Along with this, it also offers a desktop app for the tool.


Third-party integration across various applications is offered by both tools to make it more accessible to the user. 


QuillBot and WordTune tie in this category. Both tools are equally efficient in providing integration across different platforms.

Customization Compared Between QuillBot and WordTune


The following customizations are offered by QuillBot:

  • Contractions: These are used to combine two words to make them one word. This is done to make the content shorter and more concise. For example – ‘can not’ can be written as ‘can’t’.
  • Word Freeze: QuillBot allows the user to freeze certain words. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the original content by not losing keywords in the rephrasing process.
  • Synonym Slider: This useful feature in QuillBot allows the user to control the frequency of synonyms used in the rephrased text. This slider helps in preserving contextual meaning.
  • Tones: Quillbot presents the user with different writing tones such as standard, fluency, formal, simple, etc.


WordTune offers the following customization features:

  • Sentence Fragments: WordTune allows the user to select words or fragments of sentences to let the AI suggest alternate words and sentence structures. 
  • Writing Tones: Similar to QuillBot, WordTune also offers the user alternative writing tones such as expand, casual, shorten, etc.
  • Rewrite any part of a sentence: Despite rewriting the whole sentence you can select a particular phrase or a part of a sentence to rewrite.  


When it comes to customizable features, QuillBot excels in this area. WordTune offers only the basic rewriting and tone selection options whereas QuillBot offers word freezing, synonym slider, etc. 


QuillBot. On the whole, both are similar in function but QuillBot offers more features for rewriting than WordTune.

Customer Support Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune

QuillBot Customer Support

QuillBot Customer Support contact form along with their registered address

QuillBot has a convenient customer care interface. Users can directly contact the customer care team and file their queries.

It has a detailed FAQ section answering common questions about all the features of the tool. In addition, it also links to blog posts, user guides and free online courses related to content writing.

The social media handles are also listed on the website as alternate ways to contact them.

WordTune Customer Support

WordTune Customer Support portal along with FAQ support

The WordTune customer care section features a direct message section. Users can contact support team members about their queries, feedback, account-related issues, etc.

Under this, it has provided various links to recommended articles. The WordTune website also contains a well-detailed FAQ section answering all relevant questions.


Both tools have a robust customer support section which is easy to locate and use. The process to contact the support team is straightforward and simple. 

In addition, both websites provide FAQ sections and links to relevant content to enhance the knowledge of their users. 


Tie. Both QuillBot and WordTune provide adequate and easy access to the customer support team.

Quillbot vs Wordtune API support comparison

Quillbot API 

Quillbot does not come with any API support. 

Wordtune API 

Wordtune does not support any API. 

Unfortunately, none of the tools provides API support hence no comparisons can be made here.

User Interface Comparison Between QuillBot and WordTune


Quillbot platform interface with easily visible functions

QuillBot has an easy-to-navigate interface. Even a first-time user can use it without any confusion. 

The interface design is nicely designed with all its tools easily visible. The left side of the screen contains a panel linking to all the tools it offers such as Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, etc. 

It can be operated from the homepage itself.


Wordtune rewriting dashboard with different rephrasing modes

WordTune also provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. The rewriting process can be done from the home page.

The text tone modes are listed at the top. A pop-up panel to the right provides suggestions to users for improving their content.


The user interfaces for both QuillBot and WordTune are designed for ease to use. All the content related to the tools is visible on the home screen.

Both tools make it convenient for the user to begin their rewriting process soon as they open it. There are no ads on either interface. 


Another tie between QuillBot and WordTune. The user interface of a tool is subjective to each user. However, there are a few things which are a must-have for a pleasurable user experience. 

A good interface has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Tools are accessible
  • Non-confusing layout

Both QuillBot and WordTune meet these criteria, therefore, both are good.

Final Verdict: which one should you choose Quillbot or Wordtune? 

If you are a beginner who is looking for a free or affordable rewriting tool, then we would recommend trying out Quillbot. We have three reasons to back our suggestion:

  1. The tool gives you free usability without any signup process
  2. You can rewrite up to 280 characters of words at once 
  3. It gives you two modes to choose from within the free mode

Therefore if you are a beginner you can definitely make use of these freemium features given by Quillbot. In addition, if you plan to switch to the paid version, you have 3 days until you can cancel the subscription if you are not satisfied. This eliminates the risk of exploring the tool as Wordtune does not provide any money-back guarantee. 

Moreover while comparing both the tools on the features offered along with the price band, Quillbot offers more useful rewriting features with less pricing. This makes the tool more valuable for money as compared to Wordtune. Nevertheless, Wordtune is a great writing tool but our final verdict stands with Quillbot.

Alternatives to QuillBot and WordTune

When it comes to paraphrasing content, QuillBot and WordTune are tried and tested tools. Both are competent and capable of high-quality word and sentence generation. 

However, they are not the only two rewriting tools available on the internet. There are plenty of alternatives available such as: 

1. SpinBot: SpinBot is a great free alternative to QuillBot. It uses smart AI-based for paraphrasing content. SpinBot allows up to 10,000 characters on the free plan.

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2. Jasper AI: This tool is one of the best alternatives to QuillBot and WordTune. It produces natural and unique paraphrasing. It can also generate AI-based content from scratch based on topics and keywords a user enters.

3. Grammarly: Although paraphrasing is not a prime function, Grammarly can be used to rephrase and rewrite sentences. It also gives the user synonym suggestions to spice up their content.

4. Word AI: This is a powerful alternative as it can produce up to 1000 variations of original paraphrased content. It uses state-of-the-art AI technology to create unique and rich sentences.

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5. Chimp Rewriter: This is a paraphrase application that can generate SEO-friendly material in 14 languages. It is a desktop-based tool for rewriting.

6. SpinRewriter: SpinWriter is a powerhouse tool that allows users to bulk upload and export content. Users can upload multiple articles at once to generate up to 1000 variations of rewritten content.

For a more listing, you can refer to our detailed guide to Quillbot alternatives

Commonalities Between QuillBot and WordTune

  1. Both provide users with a free-to-use plan
  2. Both tools support API integration
  3. Third-party extensions available in both tools
  4. Accessible from the home page
  5. Monthly and annual premium plans for both
  6. Similar text tone modes 
  7. Both tools are easy to use
  8. Smart AI-based word generation 

Differences Between QuillBot and WordTune

1. QuillBot provides users with other tools such as Grammar Checker, Co-Writing, Plagiarism Checker, etc. WordTune only provides paraphrasing. 

2. There is no synonym slider to control the frequency of synonyms in WordTune.

3. In the free version, WordTune can only rewrite one sentence at a time. QuillBot can paraphrase whole paragraphs in the free plan.

4. QuillBot provides 7 text modes whereas WordTune gives only 4.

5. Subscription for WordTune is much costlier than QuillBot.

6. There is no word freezing option in WordTune.

7. WordTune does not allow the user to upload doc files in its interface.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to QuillBot and WordTune

Q1. What is better than Quillbot?

Ans. There are many alternatives available that are on the level of, if not better, than QuillBot. Some of these are:

  • Word AI
  • Jasper AI
  • SpinRewriter
  • Grammarly

Q2. Can I use WordTune for free?

Ans. Yes, WordTune offers its users a free version that can be used as an extension in Google Chrome. It is limited in capability as it allows only 10 rewrites per day.

Q3. Is Quillbot better than Spinbot?

Ans. Overall, Quillbot provides a user with more features and functions than SpinBot such as a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, citation generator, etc. Whereas Spinbot focuses only on rephrasing your existing content. While both tools are efficient at respinning content, QuillBot’s added functionality makes it a more well-rounded tool. Check out our in-depth comparison between QuillBot and SpinBot.

Q4. Which is better – Quillbot or Grammarly?

Ans. The paraphrasing tool in QuillBot does a better job than Grammarly. Grammarly is more suited as a grammar checker than a paraphrasing tool. QuillBot also gives the user access to other tools such as Plagiarism Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator, and Co-Writer.

Q5. Is Wordtune Plagiarism?

Ans: No using Wordtune editor for rephrasing content is not plagiarism. Because Wordtune uses AI to rewrite sentences and paragraphs and make them unique while keeping the core meaning intact. 

Q5. Is using Quillbot cheating?

Ans. QuillBot is intended to be used to strengthen original thoughts and language. Whether or not QuillBot was used, it is considered cheating if a user copies someone else’s writing and attempts to pass it off as their own. To avoid plagiarism, all outside sources must be cited.

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