17 Best Content Idea Generator Tools For Blog Topic & Social Media (2023)

Coming up with new content ideas is not easy.  Especially when you want to increase the level of your content marketing. But how do you come up with new content ideas that can resonate with your target audience?

To resolve this issue in this article we have listed 17 content idea generators for your blog, website and social media platform.  That can 10x your content marketing game. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is a content idea generator?

A content idea generator is a tool that helps you to generate new content topics and ideas related to your given keywords and subject. 

To come up with new content topics you need to enter the subject related to which you need to generate content on. And the tool will come up with different content titles and angles from which you can start writing.  

In order to give you the best results, these content strategy generator tools will look around the web for trending topics, on various platforms such as google, youtube, social media, and online data. 

You can further use these content topics to create new forms of content for your business.

What is a content idea?

A content idea is a process of searching, brainstorming, and identifying the topics for starting communication with your target audience. 

Every business needs to communicate with its potential prospects to market its products and services. 

Content ideation helps organizations to develop and start those communications through content marketing. 

Topics produced through the content ideation process should be relevant and cater to the consumers’ pain points. This is even more important with the increasing cost of producing content. 

Some ways of coming up with content ideas include analyzing existing competitors, using content idea tools, examining consumer behaviour, social signals, team brainstorming, and market trends. 

Furthermore, content ideation should be followed, keeping in mind the target audience and their position in the marketing funnel.

17 Best Content Idea generator tools

  1. Hubspot blog topic generator
  2. Alsoasked.com
  3.  Buzsumo question analyzer
  4. Semrush topic research tool
  5. Quora & Reddit
  6. QuestionDB
  7. JCsocial media
  8. Mrss.com
  9. Boostlikes
  10. Storylab
  11. Klock.work
  12. Social Studio
  13. Rytr:
  14. Weshare.net
  15. Capitalizemytitle
  16. Tubeast.com
  17. Vidiq.com (Daily Ideas)

Content idea generator for websites

1. Hubspot blog topic generator:

HubSpot blog idea generator interface

Finding new topics for your next article has never been easier with the HubSpot blog idea generator. The tool will give you ample blog topics to write on by entering a few terms related to your niche.

These topics will be beneficial for your business content marketing yet will also engage your target audience.

You can include upto 5 keywords/terms related to your niche or the product and service you sell. And the tool will give you 5 topics to write on; moreover, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can click the try again button to get new results.

There is no limit to the number of topics you can come up with in this blog topic idea generator. It is enough to set your content calendar for the whole week.

2. Alsoasked.com:

Alsoasked tool home page interface

You must have seen the People also ask box on google’s SERP page while searching for any query. Alsoasked works similarly, but it provides real-time questions related to the keywords you have typed in.

But how does this help with finding new content ideas? Once you enter any query, it will bring down all the related questions that your audience is looking to answer. You can use these questions to create articles for your websites.

The best part is that it does not only give you real-time questions based on your geolocation, but it also matches the intent of the query you have typed in.

To start your research, you can type in your keyword, select your location, and press search. It will create a tree diagram for all the questions and sub-questions you can create content on.

3.  Buzsumo question analyzer:

Buzzsumo content discovery interface

Buzzsumo is another fantastic content marketing idea generator for creating resonating content that would appeal to your target audience.

The tool works by searching for questions and concerns raised by your target audiences related to the keyword you have entered. This is done by scraping many forums and eCommerce sites, including Quora, Reddit, Amazon, etc. 

Once you open the dashboard of the question analyzer, you get three options for starting your search. 

  1. By Keyword 
  2. By Domain
  3. By Subreddit

Whichever option you choose, the tool will scrape out all the questions about the key phrase you have entered. These results can be further filtered by date range, type of site, or a specific domain. 

The sidebar also includes the option to filter further your results, such as by forums, E-commerce sites, Q&A, Subreddit, and specific geo-region.

These questions are highly specific to the audiences you are addressing; another benefit is you can use these questions and include them in your existing content to make it even more resourceful and in-depth.

4. Semrush topic research tool:

Semrush topic research tool interface

Semrush topic research tool is one of the detail-oriented idea creation tools you can have. Just by entering your keyword, you can get many content ideas in headlines, questions, and related searches.

The headlines are sorted based on how engaging the topic will be for your target audience. Initially, you will get 3 headlines, but you can expand it to the top 10 for your enter query.

Similarly, the question displayed related to your query can be filtered based on an interrogative word such as what, how, why, is, or are, etc.

However, based on the query you entered, the number of questions under each filter can differ in quantity. But these questions can get you many ideas for your content generation.

And suppose you want to look for more sub-topic related to the seed keyword you have entered. In that case, you can look around the terms mentioned under related searches where you will get a similar topic regarding your main keyword to expand your topic research.

Apart from the content ideation platform, Semrush also offers a personalization option at every stage of your topic research; you can sort through topics on engagement, the number of backlinks, most popular, difficulty, search volume, and topic efficiency.

5. Quora & Reddit:

Quora.com and Reddit are the platforms where you can get content ideas from user-generated content. Through UGC content, you can gain insights into queries your user wants to get the answer for.

You can search for the subject you want to build your content around. And Quora will bring out all the questions and concerns people have about your subjects. You can use these questions as topics to write answers to and generate content.

The same thing follows for Reddit. You can look for R/reddit for whichever terms you are looking to build content around, and the tool will show you what users are talking about.

Quora and Reddit can be great sources of topic generators for blogs and are goldmines for finding topics your user wants to read about.

6. QuestionDB:

QuestionDB tool home page interface

QuestionDB is another great content ideation tool for finding semantically related questions to write on. It’s a very simple process. Just type the board terms related to what you are looking for. And the tool will give you N number of questions for the term.

Another great thing about this tool is that it can find out what keywords those questions are targeting. (You can get these insights by using the drop-down feature available)

Knowing these focus keywords will help you write an SEO-friendly blog post for your website. Furthermore, you can even download the question generated by the tool for further analysis.

Content idea generator for social media

1. JCsocial media:

Jc Social Media tool interface

If you cannot find the next best content for your social media, you may want to try out the JCsocial social media post idea generator. You can get content ideas for Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Just toggle the button for which you want to create content and hit on generate. The tool will present you with various ideas and angels that you can use to engage with your audience on social media.

You can also use the inspiration toggle to take inspiration-related ideas. This keeps your content approach fresh and unique. There are other use cases available, such as content ideas for business, personal use, social media ads, etc.

2. Mrss.com

Mrss topic generator tool home page interface

Another simple tool that can give you ample social media content ideas. It is very easy to use; click on the “what should I post on social media” button. And the tool will start showing up ideas for your next content.

Note that you don’t have to follow the exact result given by the tool. But it is a great social media idea generator for taking inspiration.

3. Boostlikes

Boostlikes idea generator interface screenshot

You might have heard about boostlikes for selling Facebook likes and followers. But this platform also provides a free idea generator for Facebook and Twitter.

You need to type in your keyword or anything related to the subject you are looking to create content on and click on get post ideas. The tool will scrape the trending headlines related to your subject/keyword and present them to you in the form of a post idea.

You can use these headlines for your next blog topic as well. Moreover, boostlikes is free to use.

4. Storylab

Storylab content idea generator tool interface

Storylab is an AI-powered content idea generator to set your social media content calendar with inspirational ideas. You can even provide extra information about your product and service for better-personalized results.

Like any other tool, you need to enter your seed keyword and a description of your product and service. Storylab works on a freemium model in which you get 15 free searches as soon as you log in.

You can also upgrade to a paid plan which gives you two options 100 searches for $7/month and unlimited searches for $27/month.

Storylab also offers other content generators option such as blog titles; social media ads write up, email subject lines, etc.

Content idea generator for Instagram

1. Klock.work

Klock tool interface

Klock has always been at the top of the list regarding content ideas for Instagram. This tool does not only give content ideas but also provides category-wise division for every idea it produces.

You start your search by giving the tool a keyword (Noun) and hit search. For example, if I type content marketing, the tool will give me the below ideas.

As you can see, the tool has given me content ideas and the intent behind the search. This is crucial as it helps me map out which content to use based on my target audience. 

The tool segregates the content ideas in the following intents 

  • Informational 
  • Geographical 
  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Statistical
  • Comparison

This crucial information is very important while deciding your content marketing strategy for Instagram. And the best part is this tool is completely free to use.

2. Social Studio

The social studio is a 3 in one Instagram content creation tool. The tool will not only give you content ideas, but you also get a post editor and post scheduling options.

With the post editor, you can instantly create posts and edit them according to your needs. And through the scheduling feature, you can set your own time for publishing.

Talking about content ideas, the social studio is an AI-powered tool that generates content ideas specifically for Instagram content marketing. Once you palace your keywords, it will give you autosuggestion to further define your need (if required, you can choose from autosuggestion as well).

The tool algorithm will source the data from the web to give you fresh and unique content ideas. The best part about the tool is the resulted ideas seem to be written by humans.

Content idea generator for youtube

1. Rytr:

RytrAI YouTube idea creation tool interface

Rytr is an AI assistant copywriting tool that helps you to create content using AI. But what people don’t know is that Rytr is also a content idea generator for youtube. On top of this, you can generate youtube content ideas in just 4 steps. 

  • Start by choosing the language for the content. 
  • Select the tone of your choice. 
  • Choose your use case; in this, you want to go for a video Idea. 
  • And finally, give in your keywords and phrase around which the ideas will be generated. 

Next, you will see many ideas for your next youtube video. Moreover, along with its simplicity, this tool also provides wide options for filtration. For example, there are 10+ options for language selection and 20+ options for tone selection to give a personal touch to your content. 

You can even go beyond your first result if you are not satisfied with the ideas. Rytr will assist you throughout your content creation process, from selecting the idea to writing the content.

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2. Weshare.net

Weshare interface of discovering content ideas

Weshare is one of the biggest resource hubs for generating content ideas. Starting with youtube video guides specifically for youtube content strategy. And a preprepared list of 200+ youtube content ideas. They have everything you need for your next youtube video. 

But what’s unique about Weshare is that once you provide a keyphrase related to what you are looking for. They won’t give you the list of content ideas, but instead, the tool will provide you with several other youtube videos around your entered keyword. 

But why would you want to see videos created by others on the same topic? The answer is the resulting videos would be the best topics to create videos on. The tool is already showing you what your audience is looking for, and it might be best for you to follow the trend. 

Moreover, Weshare also gives recommendations for other valuable tools to help you out in your content production. The list of recommended tools include 

  • Jasper
  • Tuebbudy 
  • Canva
  • Audio jungle 
  • Vidiq

3. Capitalizemytitle

Capitalizemytitle topic generator interface

Capitalizeytitile is known for its youtube title generator but is it also a very useful Youtube video idea generator.

Just enter the keyword in the search box and click on generate video ideas. The tool will present you with 10 ideas for your next youtube video. And just in case you are not satisfied with your result, you can again click on the button, and 10 new ideas will appear again.

Adding to this capitallizemytitle will also help you create engaging youtube titles to increase your CTR (click-through rate). Since that is the first thing, your viewers will see.

4. Tubeast.com

Tubeast dashboard of keywords and content ideas

Tubeast is an advanced topic research tool that will help you revolutionize your youtube content production. From topic research to analyzing your video insights. 

The tool helps you find key phrases that will help you rank higher on youtube and increase your views. 

Tubeast will present the content idea in 3 formats which include 

  • Content analysis– This segment will help you discover related terms and topics to which your audience is looking to get answers. Using these terms will help tailor your content toward a customer-centric approach.
  • General insights – This segment will get you insights on competing videos, title tags, number of views that will help you analyze how you can do better for your content production. 
  • Top video analysis–  This segment showcases powerful insights into the top-ranked videos related to your keywords and topics. You can take a deep insight into making better decisions before deciding on the topic for your next video.

5. Vidiq.com (Daily Ideas)

Vidiq interface of content ideas

Just like other AI-powered youtube idea generators, Vidiq daily idea is an AI-based machine learning tool that works on a predictive model.

This tool is designed to give personalized information in the form of an updated and trendy content idea.

Once you give the vidiq, the subject, in the form of keywords, the tool will start searching the web, the existing content, and current trending videos around your subject. The result will be based on what has already worked well around your input subject.

You can ensure that the next piece you create is engaging and demanded by your users.

The tool also works on the mechanism of view predictions. And showcase the prediction in three formats.

  • View prediction: Very High
  • View prediction: High
  • View prediction: Medium

You can also filter out your ideas based on the prediction model. However, the number of ideas you see will depend on the plan you have to opt for since this tool works on the freemium model.

How to generate content ideas without using any content suggestion tool

  1. Scanning blog comments: Blogs comments are the most underrated medium to look at content topics. Head over to google and type the keyword you are looking to create content around. Look for the blog with the highest blog comments and scan through what people are demanding. 
  2. Amazon auto-suggest: Type your keyphrase in the amazon search box and look for the autosuggestion. 
  3. Facebook ad library: If a competitor is sponsoring some kind of content it indicates its value for it. 
  4. Google Trends: Google trends will help you make decisions based on trends around your keywords. It will also assist in the geographical location that is more interested in your particular topic.
  5. TikTok videos: Head over to TikTok and look for trending videos. These videos are usually filtered based on the highest views and social engagement.

Types of content you can produce

Generating content ideas through tools and uncommon ways listed above can get you to pass the first phase of content marketing. But deciding what type of content you can draft through these ideas can help you in your implementation phase. 

Blog post: Informative content has always been awarded by consumers. As an organization, it helps you deliver problem-solving content in front of your target audience. People are more inclined toward content that touches their pain points rather than being sold. There are many blog post idea generators that you can use, and take advantage of organic ranking on various search engines.

Podcast: Podcasts are great mediums to interact with your target audience. You can use podcasts to provide unfiltered information to your audience. People listening to podcasts are highly associated with the topic, driving conversion for your business. 

E-books: You might have seen E-books as an in-depth guide for a particular topic. The E-book allows you to create valuable content assets through which you can generate leads for your business. You must have often seen the free e-books download option on many sites.

Top content creation tools 

After finding the content idea and deciding the type of content you want to produce. It’s time for content generation tools to help you create this content.

Writing assistance tools

1) Grammarly: If you are into writing space you must have heard about Grammarly. It’s a writing assistance tool with advanced features to improvise your writing. The tool AI algorithm can adjust your content creation according to your writing goal.

Which can be divided into four categories, Audience, Formality, Domain, and Intent. This helps the tool to provide better suggestions according to the overall goal setting. Moreover, Grammarly recommends suggestions in three forms  Correctness, Clarity, and Engagement. 

This can help you to rectify your content and make it more compelling. Grammatical errors, word choice, punctuation fixes, and unclear sentences can be improved immediately. The tools work on a freemium model and also offer a plagiarism checker to validate the originality of the text. 

2) Hemingway app: A free tool that makes your content reader-friendly and clear. The purpose of the tool is to highlight the complex and lengthy sentences throughout your content and make them concise and clear. The tool also works on rephrasing words with better alternatives that are more compelling, and easy to read. 

You can also format your long-form content with specific sub-headings and annotations with the help of the edit pad option given. For better evaluation, you are also given a score on your write-up in terms of readability. 

Video recording and creation tool

1) Loom: If you want to record and create video content then Loom can be your go-to option. It helps you to record your screen and camera for productive video messaging. The tool is beginner friendly and can be used on multiple devices including desktops, mobile, etc. 

You can also use their Chrome extension for quick video creation for explaining your important task. On top of this, you can easily share your recording with your team by just sharing your recorded link.

 2) Bitable: An online video creation tool that helps you create engaging video content with a simple drag-and-drop function. Bitable offers pre-made templates with stock footage and photos to get you started easily. You can also upload your own videos and use text-color animation to enhance your branding. You are open to choosing from various video types depending on your goal to create engaging video content. 

Content Rewriting tools 

1) Quillbot: Quillbot is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that allows you to rewrite sentences and texts without losing their meaning and context. The tool offers 7 modes to rephrase sentences which you can use depending on your selected plan. The free plan comes with 2 modes (Standard and Fluency) with up to 125 paraphrase word limit. 

Along with this, you get a 3-day money-back guarantee. In addition to all the above QuillBot also offer a grammar checker, summarizer, co-writer, citation generator, and recently added plagiarism checker which is hard to find in companies similar to Quillbot

2) WordAI: As the name suggests WordAI is an Artificial intelligence rewriter that creates high-quality unique content. Its machine learning algorithm is capable of interpreting the original text and returning the spin content in human written style. WordAi also takes care of optimizing the content with LSI keywords, better readability, content structuring, and creating unique engaging content. And all of this is done in just three steps. 

Graphis and visual designing tools

1) Canava: With so many free options to choose from, Canava is a design tool for creating digital media content. This includes Infographics, motion posters, digital flyers, banners, social media content, videos, and much more. You can use Canava for creating all types of digital content with an easy drag-and-drop option. Plus it is completely free and beginner friendly. 

2) Giphy: For all your gif animation, Giphy is your go-to option. You can create compelling Gifs for multiple devices including, desktop, mobile, and tables to power up your content creation game. You can choose your Gifs from various categories offered to align with your content.  

Webinar creation tools

1) Livewebinar: It’s a cloud-based supported platform that helps you host live webinars, with a screen-sharing option. Livewebinar comes with various engagement options such as poll support, live chat option, broadcasting webinars on social media, brand customization, etc. It is supported by all browsers and allows you to host or join meetings from any device, even from smart TVs.

2) Webinar Ninja: With advanced integration support, Webinar Ninja is one of the best Webinar marketing tools. It helps you to broadcast live webinars, automate your recording and create a series of webinars with multilingual support.

You can easily integrate it with your CRM and email database for better conversion and response. Moreover, with multiple-chat support, you can make your webinar more interactive with your audience. There are many other advantageous features such as a built-in landing page, handouts, built-in email, etc. 

Keyword ideas generator

  1. Ahrefs free keywords generator tool 
  2. Keyword generator by Semrush 
  3. Free keyword tool by Wordstream 
  4. Keyword Everywhere 
  5. UbberSuggest 
  6. Keyword Shitter 
  7. Moz keywords Explorer 
  8. Mangools keywords research tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which tool is used for content ideas?

Ans. Alsoasked tool is used to come up with content ideas. The tool scrapes out real-time people also ask (PAA) questions and segments them according to their relevancy. These questions can be used as a content topic to write content on.

Q2. How do I get content titles?

Ans. Conduct a competitor analysis. Since your competitors are already competing for the same audience, you know you can target the same titles by following the trend. In addition, look for platforms where you can find questions related to your subject. Tools like Answer the public and forums can be great places to find content titles.

Q3. How to get social media content ideas?

Ans. Some quick ways to win your customer over social media include:

  • Run to contest
  • Host a challenge contest
  • Ask pooling questions
  • Grab the trading news
  • Showcase user-generated content
  • Aks for customer advice 
  • Release upcoming updates 

Q4. What type of content is best for social media?

Ans. The best type of content that you can share on your social media includes:

  • Cornerstone blog post 
  • Infographics and Gifs 
  • Case studies 
  • Outcome-based content
  • Customer feedback 
  • The podcast and other external links
  • Contest polls 
  • Behind-the-scenes posts

Q5.  How do I generate content for my blogs?

  • Generating blog post start with understanding your product and services. 
  • Understanding your target audience. 
  • Running competitor analysis.
  • Identify terms used by your consumer to find your product and services. 
  •  Identify writing topics by using an article topic generator and keyword research tools.
  • Select the content format.
  • Constructing online presence through CMS.
  • Publishing content.

Q6. What is the difference between a content idea generator and a keyword research tool? 

Ans. A content idea generator will provide you with the topics and headlines to create content. On the other hand, a keyword research tool will help you find the term used for finding your product and services.

Q7. Best AI content idea generator?

Ans. Top AI-based content idea generator includes: 

  1. Jasper.ai 
  2. Neuroflash 
  3. Zyro 
  4. Copy.ai
  5. Storylab.ai
  6. Usetopic 
  7. Portent

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